Basic Line Cabling

We are able to remove stubborn clogs in drains quickly using an array of line cabling machines and tools.


Sewer Camera Inspections​

Our sewer camera enables us to see inside pipes, which allows us to diagnose and document problems within a pipe.

Water and Sewer Line Excavation

If you have damaged or compromised pipes, we offer excavation services to repair and replace your pipework. We are able to use our sewer camera and locator to dig and replace pipes in the most effective manner possible.

Septic Pumping

We offer septic tank pumping. We recommend having your septic waste pumped every 2-5 years, based on use and household size (as well as other various factors). We also do grease traps.







Jetting services

Our jetters enable us to blast through pipe obstructions from tree roots to ice and sand. In many cases, jetting a line prevents unnecessary pipe replacement. Jetters also keep pipes clean and we are happy to perform routine jetting services to maintain pipe integrity.

​Locating Services

We can use our locate services to pinpoint the exact point in pipes where problems are occurring. We can also use our locating tools to find septic tanks. 

Snow Removal

P & B Drain Cleaning and Septic Services offers snow removal services. We can plow your driveway, shovel your sidewalks, and remove the snow and ice from your roofs. Our skidsteer boasts a snowblower attachment, which is much gentler on your landscaping.




roots in pipe